The Heart Centre

EAT_FieldsHorsesThe HEART centre is set in the beautiful Surrey countryside, we offer an exciting and diverse range of equine assisted therapies and equine assisted coaching.


Whether you are an individual seeking to overcome relationship or confidence issues or a corporation needing to build a fantastic team with great leadership, we have the ideal programme for you.

We also have the facilities to support more challenging conditions, ranging from children with emotional difficulties to adults wanting addiction therapy.


You don’t need to have a problem to overcome and enjoy the therapy offered by horses. Many people experience the joy of self-discovery simply through our equine assisted personal development plans.


The Centre strives to provide a more natural environment for the horses. We ensure that, not only do we care for the physical well being of the horses, but their psychological and emotional welfare as well. We allow the horses to be horses as well as individuals and we pride ourselves on this.


The horses are allowed to live out in a herd which provides a more relaxed atmosphere between them as they can all socialise with each other. When the horses come in they can snooze in stables of a good size, which have low walls so that they can still see and socialise with other members of the herd even when in. We have no stable vices to date under this management.



We offer year round grazing over 50 acres and work with the horses seasonal routines, for example in the summer the horses prefer to stay in for longer to get away from the heat and flies. We also have a laminitic paddock available for those that need it. Horses are brought in daily to be fed and checked over. Stabling overnight is also available if required.


The horses are fed a more natural fibre based diet, with no molasses or animal by products. These are easier for the horses to digest than more conventional feeds. As a horse in the wild would be constantly grazing, not just eating at set times, the horses here are offered ad lib hay. This more natural approach to feeding helps promote a healthy digestive system and in turn a happier horse.


The centre does not immediately discount conventional therapies and treatments, but rather embraces those that are in the best interest of the horse while incorporating natural therapies and treatments as well. Horses are barefoot if this suits their feet, but they are shod by our experienced farrier if the horses are more comfortable like this. Regular worm counts are taken and horses are wormed when it is needed using chemical wormers. Chemical wormers can upset the balance of the digestive system so we do not give a wormer if the worm count deems it unnecessary. Conventional veterinary treatment is offered by vets that understand the use of natural therapies and work with us to provide the best environment for helping the horse overcome their ailments. The horses are treated as a whole animal, we take into account what might be going on in the horses mind or body to cause the symptoms.


Overall we aim to be as natural as possible without taking away the horses choice, rather we work with them to find out what suits them as an individual. For example, horses being kept naturally would ideally be barefoot however not all horses can cope without shoes. In this sense we are very much a middle ground for natural horsemanship. We listen to what the horse needs, rather than just stripping everything away.


Our care and treatment of the horse also extends to the human. A person’s relationship with their horse, or a horse they share, ride or just love, can reflect many things about the person’s physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Horses are very sensitive and intuitive creatures, they easily pick up on what a human is thinking or feeling and they often reflect and magnify their humans tensions and concerns. We use this amazing ability of the horse to take in the whole picture, we look at what is going on in your riding and what that could be reflecting about other areas of your life or conversely how other areas of your life could be affecting your riding! The tools for change are then offered at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.