Horses & People

HEART 128cHorses respond in a variety of ways to different people


One person might go up to a particular horse and find it backs away from them. On the surface, all may appear to be well in their life, but inside they may be feeling stressed & irritated by work – but trying to hide this from the outside world. Horses are able to sense all our emotions, pick up any incongruence and respond accordingly.


“The horses feel the rider’s hidden thoughts and reflect them in their demeanour.”

Exactly how a horse reacts to us is determined in the moment. While one horse may reel away, another may act as a de-stressor and melt away the stress. A horse knows exactly what is right and shows what lessons are needed at that point in time. So long as we don’t continually dump our stuff on our horses, many of them enjoy this role. However, for some horses when they reach saturation point they start nudging us to get on and deal with it.


“As a therapeutic riding instructor, I would often see the same horse act very differently when it was ridden. When my rider came from work to ride, the horse would be flat, demotivated and seemingly unco-operative. When she rode the horse at the weekend he was much more willing, motivated and co-operative.”

Wendy Price, EAT Facilitator



Sam had a deep rooted fear of rejection. This was reflected in the horse moving away from her and refusing to do as she asked. The horse sensed that she did not believe that she was worthy of a response, as her energy did not back up what she was saying. Her intention did not match her core belief.

Once Sam’s belief system had been revealed, we explored how to change her energy of intention or belief and then re-did the exercise. Sometimes, results can be immediate. At others, there may be some deeper healing required.