HEART for Business

Eat 166bHolistic Equine Assisted Relationship Transformation for Businesses


Most people would agree that some of the key ingredients of a successful business are good leadership, great team spirit and a happy workforce. How can all these be achieved when there are so many diverse human personalities, behaviours and influences? This is where effective leadership training and team building programmes are useful.

“What I hear, I forget

 What I see I remember

 What I do, I understand.”   (Old Chinese proverb)


Leadership and Team Building

“In a normal training environment, it’s easy for people to switch off, go into a trance etc and to not fully contribute from the heart or to necessarily take on board what’s being said. EAT training is very engaging and when horses respond in certain ways they do some from the heart.”



In a herd, there are specific duties and roles: alpha (leaders), omegas (protectors). But, there is no hierarchy as such. Every member of the herd matters and horses are magnanimous: they share resources. Even if you’re the omega, your role is important because you take the stresses of everyone else in the herd. By using different exercises and working with equine energy, we can define the best roles for your team members.


For example, one business we worked with had too many alphas. In a herd of horses, there would be one main alpha and a passive leader. This creates safety in the herd because when there is a problem they know who to follow. By restructuring the team dynamic and who answered to who we were able to create a more harmonious working environment.



Like horses, people need to know their position in a group. Are they leading or following? Giving or taking direction? Horses need to know that the person they are following will keep them safe. If a team lacks a strong leader, it creates insecurity and anxiety within the team. Horses will bring out the qualities of being a leader that people want and choose to follow.



Each member of a business team was given a horse to ride without reins. Instead, they had to choose someone they felt safe to lead them around. This highlighted issues around trust and control in the working environment. By bringing this to people’s awareness, we were then able to provide them with the tools to overcome these issues in the team.