About H.E.A.R.T

Eat 115bHEART stands for Holistic Equine Assisted Relationship Transformation.


HEART is a fresh and exciting form of equine assisted therapy with holistic coaching. Through working with the horses, you can transform all forms of relationships (people, self, work, money, health etc) and thus be able to make powerful positive changes in all areas of your life.



What it can do

The magic and mystery of horses can open our minds and heal our hearts in such a way that few other therapies can match the speed and success this experiential healing gives.


Horses are extremely spiritual beings and yet are very grounded in nature and the physical world, therefore being wonderful teachers on how to live in balance, harmony and wholeness.


Wendy Price invites you to the HEART Centre to experience your very own encounters of the herd kind!

Today many of us have lost heart with what we are doing, we have become disheartened with work, heartbroken in our relationships, cold-hearted around money and many of us need to find the courage and confidence to open our hearts again.


Often people find it easier to connect with animals rather than humans. Whilst other therapeutic programs work well, working with horses gives a compelling experiential learning and brings theory alive and meaningful. A horse can reveal to you the heart of the problem in a refreshing and insightful way.


In this therapeutic transformation process, you work with horses in a profound yet gentle way to bring to the surface exactly what matters to you. This process includes a variety of techniques involving the horses. This could be either on the ground or ridden, in the stable or field or any combination tailor made for you.


Why horses?

Horses live naturally in the wild in a more authentic way without the hidden agendas or judgements that humans tend to have. By working them in a variety of ways they act as a mirror and metaphor. Through their natural form of non-verbal communication, they are able to reveal to you, the truth of your beliefs and emotions, coping skills and programming that may be getting in the way of your heart’s desire.


Come and experience for yourself the transformation horses can bring to your life and relationships; heal those heartbreaks, love your work again, find passion and purpose and receive the rewards you justly deserve.


“Three Cheers for the Centre! This is a very special place where horses are loving teachers. Under the expert guidance of Wendy Price and her instructors, children and adults learn how to develop partnerships with horses based on trust and mutual respect. If you spend any time with Wendy and the horses at HHPC, you will feel refreshed, renewed and reconnected with horses, Nature and with Life! It has been my privilege to work with Wendy, her students and the horses at HHPC. I invite you to experience the magic and fun this wonderful centre provides every day. It will change your life forever. “

Kate Solisti, author of Conversations with Horse, The Holistic Animal Handbook and internationally known animal communicator and educator.