About E.A.T

Wendys 138bWhat is Equine Assisted Therapy?


Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT), also known as Equine Guided Learning, is a therapeutic programme that involves working with horses to learn about ourselves, our patterns of behaviour and to explore any challenges we may have.



The Horse’s Role

Horses originated from the wild, where they lived in herds – tight knit family units, within which each horse had a distinct role. As animals of prey, they had to develop heightened skills to be able to the read the body language and energies of other animals quickly, to determine whether they were friend or foe. There were no second chances – they had to get it right first time!


As humans, we too have this ability. We sometimes get a ‘gut feeling’ or a sense that something isn’t right, yet we don’t always act upon it. Often, we choose to disguise what we are really thinking or feeling from other people, believing that by dressing, acting or speaking in a certain way we can avoid revealing our true thoughts and emotions.


With horses, there’s no hiding. Horses have the ability to reflect to us our patterns of behaviour and to draw out exactly what we are thinking and feeling.

“You can fool people but you can’t fool horses.”


Why Choose Equine Assisted Therapy?

All our EAT facilitators are also trained life, business and NLP coaches. They have a wide range of tools which they integrate into the sessions. Through EAT a team can:

  • Discover any belief systems getting in the way of group cohesion.
  • Develop a better understanding of one another.
  • Develop empathy with co-workers.
  • Horses mirror personalities and behaviours and therefore expose the vulnerability of some members of the team.
  • Individuals get drawn to the horse which they most need the learning from.
  • Develop understanding and learn that we all have different ways of doing things and how important it is to draw on these differences, rather than get everyone to conform to doing things one way.