Wendy Price

Wendy_02B.H.S.I.(T), Dip. Practical Metaphysics

M.S.E.C., B.R.C.P., Reiki II Practitioner


With over 30 years experience, Wendy is a pioneer in the practice and teaching of the holistic approach to horse riding and in 1990’s became one of the first teachers promoting this powerful tool in the UK. Her personal journey in reaching this point in her career is both the reason and the means by which she discovered the approach. Her own experiences of the change it brought about in her life and riding created a life-long commitment to sharing these methods with others.

Wendy bought her first pony when she was 12 years old and had him until very recently when he passed on. After leaving school Wendy worked in a variety of environments, then in 1984 she began work in a horse ‘livery’ yard. The demand for her to teach riding created the need for her to set up a ‘traditional’ riding school. The school was a great success and in 1990 Wendy passed her professional riding and BHS Intermediate Teaching exams.

Wendy’s personal life, however, was far from perfect. She found herself drawn into dysfunctional relationships, her self-esteem was low, she suffered a lack of confidence and feared many things – including the jumping she would need to do in order to pass her riding exam. In her quest to resolve the personal issues that were holding her back, Wendy learned about Metaphysics. She made the link between using a metaphysical approach for dealing with one life situation to dealing with the fear of clearing a show-jump. The results were a great success. This led her on to further valuable research in which she used the same techniques with her existing riding clients – again, with remarkable results.

The outcome of this gave her an even greater understanding of the partnerships between horse and rider and the parallels that gives them in their personal relationships and lives.

Wendy’s commitment to the process led her to complete a Metaphysical Practitioner and Teacher course and she is currently the only riding instructor in the UK to have a Teaching Diploma in Practical Metaphysics. Her approach to ‘Holistic Riding’ has also been covered in many magazines, national press and radio stations including Radio 4?s ‘All in the Mind’. Through developing her unique approach Wendy has put into practise her philosophies to move through many life challenges. Just some of these include overcoming ME, stress, many addictions, self sabotage, low self esteem, blocked emotions, eating disorders, financial insecurities, loss of confidence and relationship problems.

Whilst going through these experiences she has noticed the various effects they have had on her riding and horses.

Wendy’s unusual blend of qualifications, personal experiences, compassion and humour allow her to teach, guide and inspire others to be more confident in their riding, enjoy their relationship with their horses and live the lives they really want.



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